About Us


A Reliable Provider of Custom Steel Products

Since our establishment in 1984, Colorado Custom Stainless Inc. has been offering custom metalworking services to customers in the Rocky Mountain area in Colorado. When we first started more than 35 years ago, our objective was to provide alternative services and stainless steel kitchen products to restaurant owners and institutional administrators.

We succeeded in creating unique products fabricated to each customer’s specifications and requirements. Our team understood the needs of our clients, so we built high-quality products that were made to last.

Our Growing Business

Word began to spread that the quality of our service was unparalleled. We began taking orders for products outside of the commercial kitchen industry. Our team started fabricating items for companies involved in institutional food preparation and packaging. We also did civic work for parks and zoos. Over the years, we also handled projects for bottling and food processing companies, supermarkets, biotech institutions, and canneries.

We soon branched out into architectural metals, completing projects for builders and architects. Our clients used our products in office buildings, bank lobbies, elevator cabs, and schools. Some of the items we have created were:

  • Hand and Guard Railings
  • Elevator Panels
  • Trim Packages
  • Columns
  • Signs
  • Soffits and Awnings
  • Dining Tables and Cabinetry

Metalwork for Residential Spaces

To meet the high demand for the contemporary look and feel of stainless steel in houses, we later decided to start serving residential clients. We work with homeowners, designers, architects, and builders to help them find products that meet the look and functionality they want for their properties. The items we have created include:

  • Steel Countertops

  • Sinks

  • Range Hoods

  • Cabinetry

Our Products

While we specialize in creating custom stainless steel products, we also use other metals such as copper, brass, aluminum, and mild steel. We do patina finishes and apply clear coats to many of our copper projects. Our team has also used glass and plexiglass in various applications to meet our customers’ demands.

Since our work exposes us to many different customer tastes, we have become a registered dealer of the Craft-Art wood countertops. These high-quality products offer the more traditional look and feel of wood that goes brilliantly with our metals. Our skilled team can create a satisfying combination of materials that is sure to please clients with unique tastes.

Discover the different Craft-Art products we offer when you view our portfolio. You may also drop by our office to see sample materials.

Work With Us

Our team takes pride in serving a wide and varied customer base. We strive to maintain the standard we set for ourselves so that we can continue providing the products and services that you need.