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Colorado Custom Stainless (CCSI) was esablished in 1984. We have been in business serving the Rocky Mountain Region for over 20 years. From the outset, the objective for CCSI was to provide an alternative service and product to restaurant owners and institutional administrators for their stainless steel needs in a kitchen setting. We succeeded in providing a one of a kind product built to our customers' specifications and requirements. Far from the typical mass production fabrication shop, CCSI's 'one off' custom products are built to serve and last. We apprieciate our customers' needs and provide a high quality product which our customers can depend on.

Word began to spread that our quality and service was unparalleled. We began taking orders on items far removed from the commercial kitchen setting. We started doing work in the institutional food preparation and packaging area as well as civic work for parks and zoos. Over the years our customers have included bottleing companies, food processing companies, supermarkets, biotech companies, and canneries.

We soon branched out into architectural metals. Completing projects for builders and architects, we found ourselves in office buildings, bank lobbies, elevator cabs and schools. A list of products delivered includes hand and guard railings, elevator panels, trim packages, columns, signs, soffits and awnings, dining tables and cabinetry.

The next step we took at CCSI was to serve the homeowner. We found demand to be high for the contemporary look and feel of stainless steel in the home. Steel counter tops, sinks, range hoods and cabinetry all have found their way into the residential setting. At Colorado Custom Stainless we have the ability and experience to work with homeowners, designers, architects and builders to help achieve the look and functuality which is desired from our products.

Though Stainless Steel is the name, we also work with other metals including copper, brass, aluminum, and mild steel. We do patina finishes and clear coat many of our copper jobs. We have used glass and plexiglass in various applications to suit our customers' demands.

Because our work exposes us to many different customer tastes, we have become a registered dealer of the CraftArt line of wood counter tops. This is a high quality product offering a more traditional look. The warm look and feel of wood goes brilliantly with our metals and we offer a unique and satisfying combination of materials which is sure to please. Visit our Craft-Art Portfolio page or drop by to see material samples in our office.

The staff at Colorado Custom Stainless takes pride in serving our wide and varying customer base. We strive to please and provide a product and service which will continue to set a standard which we can be proud of and that you, our customer, will appreciate.

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